Virginia NAACP endorses Richmond Grand project

9/28/2023, 6 p.m.
The NAACP Virginia State Confer- ence (Virginia NAACP) is joining the Richmond Branch NAACP in endorsing the Richmond Grand project …

The NAACP Virginia State Conference (Virginia NAACP) is joining the Richmond Branch NAACP in endorsing the Richmond Grand project in the city of Richmond and encouraging Richmond residents to vote “yes” for the casino referendum on Nov. 7.

“We applaud efforts that provide increased opportunity for Black ownership and advancement. We are especially excited that this project is being led by the Richmond Grand project, a trusted NAACP community partner that will put Virginia on the map as being home to the only Black-owned casino in the nation, and that is something that should make us all proud,” said President Robert N. Barnette Jr.

In addition to $30 million in annual tax revenue, Richmond Grand has committed to $16 million in charitable contributions to support Richmond priorities like education, workforce development and affordable housing.

Richmond Grand will be an important tourism magnet, drawing 225,000 visitors annually to Richmond. Visitors outside the city will generate at least two-thirds of Richmond Grand’s revenue.

Richmond Grand will create 1,300 good paying union careers that average $55,000 in compensation with benefits like health care and retirement and a 60% local hiring objective, giving Richmonders the first shot at these good jobs.

The Virginia NAACP supports programs and projects that provide diverse investment opportunities and wealth building.

The project also includes a 40% minority business enterprise goal to ensure Richmond’s small, women and minority-owned businesses participate in the construction and operations contracts for Richmond Grand.

Chartered in 1935, the NAACP Virginia State Conference (Virginia NAACP) is the Commonwealth’s oldest and largest nonpartisan civil rights organization. The Virginia NAACP advocates, agitates and litigates for civil rights due to Black Virginians.