The big payback

Over the next few weeks, we will be devoting a portion of our pages to a three-part story called “40 Acres and a Lie.” This project is the result of work by the Center for Public Integrity, the Center for …

Protecting the elders

There’s a lot you can learn about a place by looking at how they treat their vulnerable populations, such as senior citizens. Here in Virginia, we’ve got some work to do on that issue. We’re glad our attorney general recognized …

Rewinding a Reckoning

When police officers murdered Minneapolis resident George Floyd in 2020, and America went through what some people called a “racial reckoning,” a portion of the population seemed ready to have that “talk” about power and privilege that they had been …

Pick your shots

The sudden rise in the popularity of the WNBA seems to have caught the usual commentators on television and the internet off guard. For many of them, this a new game, although the league has been around since 1996. But …

The high cost of housing discrimination

Last week’s report by HOME of VA (Housing Opportunities Made Equal) on discriminatory practices in the Richmond housing market is a sobering document. It confirms the thoughts, feelings and vibes that African Americans experience when we attempt to find a …

Honoring the past

We have an important update regarding how we write our stories at the Richmond Free Press. We’ve decided to stop using courtesy titles like “Dr.,” “Mr.,” “Mrs.,” or “Ms.”

Saying the quiet part online

They say when you’re job hunting, you should keep in mind that when a company lists qualifications and requirements on a job posting, it’s a “wish list.” Recruiters know there’s a chance only a few applicants will fit the exact …

Registering concern

Political forces are at work to erode the public’s.trust in our institutions and processes. Maybe you’ve heard them claiming that the elections that their side lost weren’t legitimate or are part of some kind of conspiracy.

Guess who ain’t coming to dinner?

It appears Virginia State University won’t be hosting a presidential debate this year. This is a tough blow for the school, which was preparing for the national spotlight such an event would provide.

Statues of limitations

Gov. Glenn Youngkin should thank his predecessor for putting the stone statues of Confederate leaders out of reach after they were dismantled and hauled away. He may have saved the governor from himself.

Memorial Day

Unlike the aforementioned monuments, at least one idea from the Civil War era has rightfully endured – Memorial Day.

Walk their way

College graduations have come to an end, and it’s not just the students who are breathing sighs of relief as the semester concludes.

Legislating the obvious

Before School Board member Jonathan Young resigned a few weeks ago, the rest of the School Board recognized they had a problem.

A special choice

Chesterfield County officials deserve kudos for announcing their plans for a sports hall of fame, dedicated to athletes with ties to the county.

The new guy

In this edition of the Richmond Free Press I introduce a new managing editor who I think inaugurates an exciting new era for this publication and for its readers in Metropolitan Richmond, the Old Dominion and beyond.