Faith News

Bishop Barber readies for D.C. march

At St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on June 9, Bishop William Barber II, co-chair of The Poor People’s Campaign, rallied the congregation during a sermon as part of his national preaching tour.

Conservative Coalition selects Will Archer as chairman

The Virginia Faith & Freedom Coalition recently announced that Will Archer, a pastor with over 30 years of experience, has been elected as their new chairman. VAFFC is the Commonwealth of Virginia’s affiliate with the Faith & Freedom Coalition, a …

Gay pastor wants to help Black churches become as welcoming as his own

It was daunting when the Rev. Brandon Thomas Crowley, at age 22, replaced a beloved pastor who had ministered to one of suburban Boston’s most famed Black churches for 24 years. It was more daunting — at times agonizing — …

Bishop William Barber II to visit St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Bishop William Barber II, co-chair of the Poor People’s Campaign and founder of Repairers of the Breach, will join St. Paul’s Episcopal Church for its Sunday service of Holy Eucharist on June 9, 2024. This event is part of Bishop …

New book argues most white U.S. Christians worship a religion of whiteness

In 2000, two sociologists wrote a book about the fraught efforts of white evangelicals to diversify their congregations to better address racial discrimination in the church.

EMS & firefighters remembered

For more than 20 years, on the first Saturday in June, firefighters and EMS personnel who have died in the line of duty or have been recognized by the Virginia Line of Duty Act in the previous year, are honored …

Faith and family inspire local nursing student

With a bachelor’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Nursing, Erin Norwood is ready to help others — and set an example along the way.

First AME pastor defends bankruptcy filing for FAME Corp

In response to the recent financial decisions, Pastor Robert Shaw from First AME Church in Los Angeles has issued a statement in defense of the church’s choice to file for bankruptcy protection for three of its entities: Fame Assistance Corporation, …

Steadfast devotion

After 28 years, Dr. Patricia A. Gould-Champ last January handed off the pastoral leadership of the church she founded, Faith Community Baptist Church in the East End.

Lonely Mother’s Day, notes a mourning mother

Mother’s Day 2020 marked a significant shift. It was the first time I faced the day knowing with absolute certainty that I wouldn’t receive a call, card, text or visit from my beloved son, my only child, whom I affectionately …

Obstacles remain as women seek more leadership roles in America’s Black Church

No woman had ever preached the keynote sermon at the Joint National Baptist Convention, a gathering of four historically Black Baptist denominations representing millions of people.

Hospital Chaplain J.S. Park’s new book explores grief

“Everything happens for a reason” might be one of the least helpful things you can say to someone who just lost a loved one, according to veteran hospital Chaplain J.S. Park.

Religious affairs expert Thomas Bowen moves from city of Washington to White House

In the month since moving from Mayor Muriel Bowser’s administration to the White House, the Rev. Thomas L. Bowen keeps encountering familiar faces.

Remembering an icon

The esteemed civil rights leader, Dr. Dorothy Irene Height, a native of Richmond, would have celebrated her 112th birthday on Sunday, March 24. Although she died April 20, 2010, at age 98 in Washington, D.C., her legacy remains strong, especially …

Sculpture park aims to look honestly at slavery, honoring those who endured it

Visitors to the Freedom Monument Sculpture Park wind a serpentine path past art pieces depicting the lives of enslaved people in America and historic exhibits, including two cabins where the enslaved lived, before arriving at a towering monument.