Personality: Chris R. Hairston-White

Growing up, Chris Hairston-White had limited exposure to art instruction or education. Thus, she honed her natural skills and creativity without much help or outside influences, resulting in what she describes as “a creative who often creates in isolation.”

Personality: Wonnease Rhone

For as long as she remembers, Wonnease Rhone has provided food — particularly hot soup and sandwiches — to people in need.

Personality: Darryl A. Stuckey Sr.

When a young boy sought to escape the bullying he routinely endured in school, Darryl A. Stuckey Sr. stepped in to help the youth gain not only a sense of purpose, but a stronger sense of self.

Personality: Charlene J. Whitfield

In 2017 Charlene Whitfield became part of a group that brings business to the Richmond area in an effort to ensure economic opportunity for workers. Ms. Whitfield, who then was employed at Dominion Energy, was selected to represent the company ...

Personality: Sharon Walton Darby

As Richmond area children continue to grow and learn in school and beyond, Sharon Darby helps to foster a healthier, better environment and experience for them every day. The board chair of Greater Richmond Fit4Kids since 2022, Ms. Darby helps ...

Personality: Tara Michele Sample

For more than a decade, Tara Michele Sample has provided a space for children and adults living with disabilities.

Personality: Harrison Nathaniel Roday

Harrison Nathaniel Roday learned the power of outside financial support when helping to invest in and run industrial manufacturing businesses 10 years ago in New York. He also learned that obtaining such support often is elusive for marginalized business owners.

Personality: Peter C. Pettit

For Richmonders who want to stay active in their older years, Peter Christian Pettit is helping them access avenues for exploration and growth. As president of The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond board of directors, Mr. Pettit is part of the ...

Personality: Tyee Davenport Mallory

Tyee Davenport Mallory is helping to show the worth of women’s organizations. As president of the Richmond Section of the National Council of Negro Women, Ms. Mallory has worked to expand the nonprofit’s presence and mission through new partnerships and ...

Personality: Rebecca Cornett Massey

Rebecca “Becky” Cornett Massey describe herself as being enthusiastic and a teammate. When hearing the new chair of the VCU Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center Advisory Board discuss the center’s role in the Richmond community, her enthusiasm in being part of ...

Personality: W. Weldon Hill, Ph.D.

Jazz pianist and retired educator W. Weldon Hill, Ph.D., believes in freedom of expression through art.

Personality: Zarina Fazaldin

Zarina Fazaldin left her family in Tanzania to complete high school and earn her bachelor’s degree in India before coming to Richmond to pursue post graduate studies. Back then, her dream job was to work at the United Nations. More ...

Personality: Ann Oppenhimer

The Museum of International Folk Art describes the medium as art that is decorative or utilitarian, used every day or reserved for high ceremonies, is handmade or includes handmade elements, as well as new, synthetic or recycled components.

Personality: Darius A. Johnson

Darius A. Johnson says the heart of who he is as a person can be traced to his parents, Jerome J. Johnson and Roslyn A. Johnson, and his sister, Leslie N. Johnson.

Personality: Sylvia Clute

When former trial attorney Sylvia Clute read the book “A Course in Miracles” in 1987, her concept of justice shifted.