Richmond Crusade for Voters stands with Community

The Richmond Crusade for Voters stands with the many other organizations and individuals who have spoken up in support of preserving the Richmond Community Hospital on Virginia Union University’s campus.

With proper screening, colon cancer can be prevented

If you knew you could prevent a disease, not just treat it, you would do it, right? As we recognize Colon Cancer Awareness Month in March, I feel compelled to share my story of prevention and family health history.

Clark’s record run doesn’t tell full story

By now, you know Iowa sharpshooter Caitlin Clark has broken the all-time NCAA women’s scoring record, or at least you’ve heard her name.

Biden, Dems need to get message out now!, by Ben Jealous

Biden, Dems need to get their message out now! Spoiler alert! Donald Trump will be allowed to remain on the ballot this fall.

Fani Willis should have known better, by Clarence Page

It doesn’t take a law degree to know that the appearance of impropriety can be just as damaging as the real thing. Sometimes worse.

Richmond must create something meaningful for Richmond Community Hospital

As a lifelong resident of Richmond and a neighbor of Virginia Union University, I feel compelled to express my deep disappointment regarding the recent news concerning the fate of Richmond Community Hospital in the “shiny new penny project” for the ...

Reader expresses gratitude for efforts to save hospital

Dear Mary DePillars: Thank you on behalf of myself, the citizens of Richmond, and history generally for your beautiful letter for a critical cause. I pray that it may help to save this valuable landmark. I join you in beseeching ...

Duty to preserve our legacy

Virginia Union University’s first listed item on its “Core Values at Union” page is “Innovation.” “Spiritual Formation” follows. Demolishing an historic Black structure committed to community learning and healing seems puzzling considering these expressed values. Given the brilliant minds cultivated ...

Crusading for better education outcomes

The Richmond Crusade for Voters would like Superintendent Jason Kamras to resign or have the present School Board relieve him of his duties.

Crusade carries on

Anyone who knows anything about Richmond knows that the story of the Richmond Crusade for Voters is legend.

Driesell’s racial pioneering remembered, by Wayne Dawkins

Charles “Lefty” Driesell died peacefully at home at 92 in his native Tidewater.

Fight for reproductive freedom, by Ben Jealous

It matters deeply that America has a woman as our vice president. That has never been truer than at this moment.

VUU’s willingness to destroy historic hospital shows shortsightedness

As an alumna of Virginia Union University and a longtime resident of Richmond, I find it hard to believe, and digest, that my beloved alma mater is so callously dismissing the intrinsic value of this landmark, Richmond Community Hospital, in ...

The Civil War: Cause and effect

Contrary to what H.V. Traywick claimed in his recent letter to the Richmond Free Press, the cause of the Civil War was slavery.

Housing and feeding brethen in need

Homelessness affects hundreds of people in the Greater Richmond area.