One more thing

11/3/2023, 12:41 a.m.
By the time most of you read this, many will have voted early and voted “YES” for the Richmond Grand ...

By the time most of you read this, many will have voted early and voted “YES” for the Richmond Grand Resort and Casino. And we thank you for your vote that will, when completed, economically move Richmond in ways unimaginable by those who seek to hold Richmond back politically and racially.

The publisher of this newspaper, the Richmond Free Press, is a resident of the “Mighty 8th” District represented by one of the hardest working council persons ever elected in that office. Reva Trammell knows her constituents, from the poorest to the not-so-poor.

From those who live in mobile home communities off Richmond Highway (once known as Jefferson Davis Highway) to the neatly manicured lawns in Brookbury where former Mayor Dwight C. Jones resides.

The leaders who oppose Richmond Grand do not live in the 8th District. The proposed site is so far removed from their everyday lives that they most likely need their GPS to guide them to the “other side” of Richmond.

The paternalistic argument against the casino and resort is such a red herring. Their “oh, we know what’s best for them” attitude is steeped in a false belief the Richmond Grand would lead to more poverty and reckless spending.

That is not the reason for opposition.

Their real fear is the shift of political and economic power.

If the casino referendum passes, it opens the door for Black political power to increase and the election of a mayor more aligned with an agenda based on a balance of power.

Cathy Hughes and her smart-as-a-whip son Alfred C. Liggins III will stir the pot even more. They are the dynamic duo of a team that has partnered with Churchill Downs to bring the Richmond Grand Casino and Resort to this city. Each entity is well-trained in the racing, gaming, entertainment, television and digital media industries.

To put it simply, they are legend.

They are challenging Paul Goldman who still rides the coattails of former Gov. L. Douglas Wilder when he was elected governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia more than 30 years ago. Paul Goldman was the campaign manager, NOT the Black man who won the governorship.

Mr. Goldman reportedly is backed by James E. “Jim” Ukrop, who has a long track record of using his financial largesse to influence outcomes and appears to be attempting to continue his record from the plush confines of a North Side retirement community. He may be retired from his grocery-selling days, building banks and consulting, but he’s resistant to retiring from meddling in other folks’ business.

While we applaud your drive, Mr. Ukrop, you’re in the wrong lane when it comes to Richmond Grand.

Richmond, remember to vote “YES” on Nov. 7 for the Richmond Grand Resort and Casino.

Jean Patterson Boone