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AME official Jerome V. Harris dies under a cloud of alleged corruption

The Rev. Jerome V. Harris, a retired general officer of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, died in Memphis, Tenn,, on Wednesday, May 8, 2024. At his death, Rev. Harris was involved in a lawsuit with the denomination over alleged mishandling of the church’s retirement pension funds.

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Agnes Abuom, global ecumenist, peacemaker and African church leader, dies at 73

Kenya Agnes Abuom, a global ecumenical leader and peacemaker, died on Wednesday, May 31, 2023, at the age of 73 while undergoing treatment in a hospital in Nairobi.

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Climate crisis increasingly a refugee crisis, faith resettlement groups say

For Monique Verdin, the apocalypse came in 2005.

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Report: AME Church suspends payments to retirees, investigates missing pension funds

One of the nation’s largest Black Protestant denominations has stopped making payments to retired ministers on its pension plan, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

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Pope Francis uses Ash Wednesday to advocate for peace in Ukraine; sends top Vatican officials to advocate for war’s refugees

Pope Francis used Ash Wednesday to praise practical and spiritual efforts to promote peace, encouraging people to dedicate prayers and fasting to ending the conflict in Ukraine as the church season of Lent begins.

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Black Muslim life honored in new online portrait exhibit

A new online exhibit featuring portraits of Black Muslims was launched earlier this month by Sapelo Square, a Black Muslim education and media collective.

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Second ‘George Floyd’ Pieta stolen from Catholic University

A second painting of Jesus and his mother, Mary, in which Jesus is widely thought to be depicted as George Floyd, has been stolen from the walls of the Catholic University of America’s law school.

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African faith leaders combat fake cures for COVID-19

When some African church pastors ordered their followers to eat grass or gulp petrol or even drink poison-laced water, their congregations have obeyed the instructions, thinking the practices would bring them closer to God.

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Religious groups call for commission on Indian boarding school policy

A number of Catholic groups and Protestant denominations are calling for the United States to establish a Truth and Healing Commission to reckon with the country’s history of boarding schools that separated thousands of Indigenous children from their families and cultures during the 19th and 20th centuries.

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Hundreds arrested in D.C. at faith-led protest for voting rights

As police escorted a demonstrator in a wheelchair away from the chanting throng descending on the U.S. Capitol on Monday, fellow protesters turned to watch the person go. The group paused for a moment, then altered their call. They screamed in unison: “Thank you! We love you!” The lone protester nodded, fist raised. The crowd erupted in applause. It was a moment that played out again and again over the course of the afternoon.

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