Taxpayers are being groped

12/29/2017, 1:47 p.m.

Speaking of groping, why are our politicians continuing to allow powerful people in the corporate sector and elsewhere to obscenely grope our tax dollars?

From Section 8 housing owners to NASCAR CEOs, our politicians are doling out our tax dollars to them.

When two white male beer factory owners from California get $33 million in tax money from Virginia taxpayers, it gets to be more local and in your face. To add insult to injury, Gov. Terry McAuliffe smiles broadly in pictures while guzzling a glass of this beer.

This situation screams for more major political parties in America. Stop sending politicians your political donations. Send your votes elsewhere. Stop sending them the very same sledgehammers that they will then use to pound you, the voter, upside the head.

They will do a photo op with you and then go behind closed doors in corporate boardrooms to help their real constituents – the corporate CEOs.

All Americans have been groped. We need to stop the politicians who allow it to happen.