Letters to the Editor

No more monuments to slave owners and Confederates

On Monday, the Commonwealth of Virginia took another absurd step toward creating another space in Richmond to celebrate slave owners and Confederates.

Gift giving

When my wife and I settled in the Richmond area from the then-smaller Fredericksburg region, we thought this area would be more tolerant and open-minded.

Isn’t it time for a promised honor?

Wouldn’t you agree that something is wrong if a top figure at a Richmond university told the world you were going to receive a tremendous honor, but the university never delivered that honor? That is what happened to me.

Coliseum review panel needs to be made right

Re “Coliseum review panel stalled after attempt to add VUU president,” Free Press Sept. 12-14 edition:

Who are the politicians in bed with tonight at the expense of the American people?

Too many of the “devout” white male politicians who scream about the immorality of others are themselves immoral and insatiably greedy.

Michael Brown was a ‘sacrificial lamb’

Re Column “Recovering from Ferguson” and Letter to the Editor “Media responsible for racial tensions,” Free Press Aug. 29-31 edition:

Free Press SOL article 'does a tremendous disservice' to RPS students

Re “Down again: Student achievement drops again for Richmond Public Schools, according to 2018-19 SOL test results,” Free Press Aug.15-17 edition: The article published in the Free Press will likely lead many readers to believe that Richmond Public Schools’ Standards ...

Changing Hanover school names ‘won’t change a thing’

Re “Hanover County NAACP files federal lawsuit over schools’ Confederate names,” Free Press Aug. 22-24 edition: The Hanover County Branch NAACP’s federal lawsuit over Hanover schools with Confederate names is on specious grounds.

Media responsible for racial tensions

The continual negative reporting of the Ferguson, Mo., killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown by former police Officer Darren Wilson is a prime reason for racial tensions to increase on the part of white people.

Invest in Richmond’s schoolchildren, not Coliseum

Re “Moving on up or out? Mayor Stoney submits to City Council $1.5B Coliseum replacement and Downtown development plan,” Free Press Aug. 8-10 edition: Richmond is in the process of approving spending $1.5 billion for city infrastructure development, including a ...

Toward more precise language

Re “University health services bracing for ripple effect from mass shootings,” Free Press Aug. 15-17 edition: Your article quotes Dr. Darylnet Lyttle, director of the student health center at Virginia State University, saying, “We are at work to reduce the ...

Say it ain't so

Re “Big Herm’s again only black-owned food vendor at Washington NFL team training camp,” Free Press Aug. 1-3 edition: Big Herm’s Kitchen is the only black-owned vendor at the Washington NFL team training camp. This has occurred three years straight. ...

Kudos to state Dems for rejecting Jamestown event with Trump

Re “Virginia lawmakers spar on reported Trump visit to Jamestown,” Free Press July 25-27 edition:

Loss, civility and compassion

A couple of days ago, my 95-year-old mother passed away suddenly. She was doing well one day, and a day or two later, she was gone. The one good thing was that she didn’t suffer.

Calling out racism

Re Editorial “Protecting the real America,” Free Press July 18-20 edition: