Letters to the Editor

‘Reva Trammell is no racist’

Re “Racist memorabilia puts Trammell in the hot seat,” Free Press April 30-May 2 edition:

There is hope

Recently, I learned about the number of people who, out of hopelessness and fear, are considering suicide during these challenging times.

Library sign no help

The sign posted at the Franklin Street entrance of the Richmond Public Library’s Main Branch in Downtown states: “For updates go to RVALibrary.com.”

More than rhetoric needed

Re “Kay Coles James heads National Coronavirus Recovery Commission,” Free Press May 7-9 edition:

Coronavirus drives home the need for people to work together

Communities and neighborhoods across America, throughout Virginia and within our city limits have been demonstrating extraordinary resilience and resolve during this unprecedented time when the coronavirus has threatened every facet of our lives.

Public behavior concerns reader during COVID-19 crisis

My aunt and her daughter went to the Dollar Tree at Willow Lawn. There was a manager near her who sneezed several times. He was not wearing a mask. When my aunt asked him to cover his mouth, he replied, ...

Shout out to those who deliver the Free Press to friends and neighbors

I would like to send out a special thank you to the informal volunteers who pick up the Free Press from boxes and newsstands and deliver it to friends, neighbors and others each week.

We need to protect children from human trafficking

Slavery has been abolished for more than 150 years nationwide since the enactment of the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Coronavirus and public tantrums

Re “Timeout for COVID-19,” Richmond Free Press April 23-25 edition: Most people have an understanding of the unusual virulence of COVID-19 and the need to limit exposure and spread.

No time for Sisyphus leadership

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world much devastation, with a climbing death rate, grocery hoarding and lack of community closeness. However, it also has given us many heroes through their selfless acts.

Thoughts on identifying asymtomatic spread of COVID-19

In order to systematically detect the presence of an invisible asymptomatic pathogen like COVID-19, you must deploy a multilayered systematic approach to identifying the problem and eradicating it.

Cure needed for evil virus of racism

The country is clouded with a virus that knows no time. Racism is its name.

Suggestions to curb COVID-19 transmission at nursing homes

I have been a medical professional, having completed an internal medicine and pulmonary fellowship, and was one of the first hospitalists in Hampton Roads until 2004. Since then, I have been the medical director for long-term care, or LTC, facilities ...

Safety first in watching out for pedestrians

This is a request to skateboarders and electric scooter riders: Please slow down, watch out for pedestrians and give plenty of alert to people you are passing.

No cure yet

Re “U.Va. enrolls first patient in COVID-19 medication study,” Free Press April 9-11 edition: