Letters to the Editor

Free Press readers speak on Gov. Ralph S. Northam

Does Gov. Ralph S. Northam have no human decency? The blackface and the Ku Klux Klan outfit each alone speak of racism. Shown together, they speak clearly of racist intent. This was in 1984.

More on 1619

The editorial and letter to the editor highlight some painful ironies of Virginia’s history. In 1619, some Virginians formed the first representative legislature in the New World. A few weeks later, some of those same Virginians purchased and probably enslaved ...

Kudos to Dr. Brown

I would like to thank the Market @ 25th, a full service grocery store, for moving into the East End. From what I am seeing so far, they will be giving minority farmers and vendors a place to showcase their ...

What an old folks home should be

An old folks home should be a place where the comfort, safety and welfare of its residents is maintained.

State NAACP on the move

I have watched the Virginia State Conference NAACP up close over a number of years as a result of my membership initially in the Chesterfield County Branch NAACP and now the Richmond Branch NAACP.

Virginia’s ‘big falsehood'

Re Editorial, “Encouraging,” Free Press Jan. 10-12 edition: How sad and dismaying to watch our elected black leaders, along with black-oriented newspapers like the Richmond Free Press, leap to embrace Virginia’s big falsehood that seeks to erase some of our ...

Support for NAACP 1st Thursday Town Hall series

The modern-day NAACP is to be applauded for its creativity in developing the NAACP 1st Thursday Town Hall Meeting Series which began in October. The events are scheduled on the first Thursday of every month throughout 2019 and are held ...

Suggestion for King license plate

Re “Proposed King license plate shelved until next year,” Free Press Jan. 10-12 edition: I read where the commemorative license plate plan honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was postponed until next year because only 100 signatures were collected.

Kudos to Va. Congress members for protecting the environment

When we drill, we spill. And when we spill off our shores, it can spell disaster for the whales, dolphins and coral that live in our oceans.

Honoring Dr. King

On Monday, Jan. 21, the nation will engage in a variety of activities saluting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a great American and world humanitarian.

Higher judgment

Nearly every day I see or hear something about a person going into a school or club or restaurant killing people and then killing themselves. It’s young people mainly who are doing the killing.

‘Pass your blessings forward’

While riding around the city, I noticed many people handing out meals to the homeless. Some were individuals and organizations committed to doing kind deeds during the holiday season.

Dr. Daniels and others must ‘put their money where their mouths are’ to block gentrification

I learned 20 years ago the difference in wealth in the white and black communities. I took a white man home to his brick bungalow in the West End, which he said he had bought for $10,000 after World War ...

Richmond’s ‘devaluing of black history’

Mayor Levar M. Stoney recently posted on Twitter that he was “pleased” to receive a petition seeking to rename the Boulevard after Arthur Ashe Jr., the accomplished black tennis player and Richmonder.

Navy Hill-Coliseum project: Subsidized gentrification?

I applaud Richmond City Council for approving the creation of a committee to review the Navy Hill-Coliseum proposal. The project has been hailed by the city administration as a game-changing economic empowerment project, one that is immune from the potential, ...