Letters to the Editor

Only In America

Only in America could you in one day be egged on by the president of this country to disrupt the judicial process of this land and breech the U.S. Capitol — an icon of our democracy — to destroy property, ...

Insurrection underestimated

The nation and the world witnessed a har- rowing experience unlike any seen for more than 200 years. The underestimated insurrection that has been incited for more than four years finally became a reality.

A New Low

I am at ground zero. My law degree cannot protect me. My fancy address cannot protect me. My radio appearances and Zoom book tour cannot protect me. I check with, and for, my daughter against this madness as we all ...

Dr. King and accountability

On Jan. 18, the nation will once again commemorate the birthday of Dr. King. The life, faith and great ideas of the freedom warrior should represent a model and guide for our national life working together in “cooperative action.” To ...

Woodland Cemetery is a quiet gem of beauty

Nestled between Richmond’s Highland Park neighborhood and the Henrico County boundary lines lies Woodland Cemetery, a quiet, somewhat isolated cemetery that is a gem of a beauty.

New year, new meat alternatives

With the year of COVID-19 barely behind us, we look forward to the new year and the customary resolutions — reduce personal weight, reduce time on social media and reduce consumption of animal foods.

Questions raised about legalizing marijuana and equity

Re: “Coalition pushes Black inclusion in marijuana legalization,” Free Press Dec. 31, 2020-Jan. 2, 2021, edition:

Others more deserving of a statue in U.S. Capitol

Re: “Statue of teen civil rights advocate set to represent Virginia in U.S. Capitol,” Free Press Dec. 17-19 edition:

General Assembly has final say on Capitol statue

The Virginia General Assembly has the final decision on the statue that will forever be a reflection of Virginia in our U.S. Capitol.

Wider concerns about cemetery reclamation lacking in article

Re “Work at historic cemeteries continues during pandemic,” Free Press Dec. 24-26 edition:

Kudos to Richmond Free Press

Thank you, Richmond Free Press, for delivering a quality newspaper on a weekly basis.

Serving MLK’s ‘dream’ was Dr. Willie Woodson’s passion

On Dec. 4, Richmond lost a good, decent and caring citizen, Dr. Willie Woodson, longtime pastor of First United Presbyterian Church in North Side who came out of retirement to pastor Trinity Ghanaian Presbyterian Church.

What now, America?

With the 2020 election cycle coming to an end and a new year on the horizon, I should feel hopeful for the state of this nation and for the state of politics. However, I do not.

Affected Henrico residents not informed about new arena project

Re: “Henrico Coliseum? Navy Hill developers who were rejected in Richmond plan to build a bigger development with a new 17,000-seat arena off Parham Road in Henrico County,” Free Press Dec. 3-5 edition:

America faces threat

As an 84-year-old man, it is hard to comprehend how America has changed so much in a few decades, especially in how people now perceive the precious rights and liberties granted us by our Founding Fathers when they drew up ...