Letters to the Editor

Rep. McEachin a ‘Johnny-come-lately’ on removing Confederate statues

Re “McEachin, Wexton call for replacement of Lee statue in U.S. Capitol,” Free Press Dec. 26-28 edition:

Central Va. African American Chamber of Commerce supports Navy Hill project

The Central Virginia African American Chamber of Commerce has enthusiastically endorsed the proposed $1.5 billion Navy Hill District Corp. program because the Navy Hill developers have promised to “maximize the capacity” of minority business owners.

Trump’s claims of privilege are above the law

Re Editorial “Trump, Iran and answers,” Free Press Jan. 9-11 edition: The GOP has supported Number 45 for three years in his move to destroy the country. The killing of a contractor in Iraq who made good money for working ...

Attracting new voters

Re Column, “The next debate,” Free Press Jan. 9-11 edition:

Remembering Dr. King

The nation on Monday, Jan. 20, will celebrate the life, works and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a nation divided, angry and unsure of what to expect and what we should be doing.

Readers weigh in on Coliseum and Downtown development proposal

Re: “Thumbs down: City Council-appointed advisory commission rejects $1.5B Coliseum and Downtown redevelopment plan after 3-month review,” Free Press Dec. 26-28 edition:

‘Resolve ... to end the violence’

Re “Remembering loved ones,” Free Press Dec. 19-21 edition:

A model for rebuilding Downtown

“Look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now.” With so much happening in Richmond, across the country and around the world, we’re reminded of these words from the musical “Hamilton,” which just wrapped a 24-show run ...

Navy Hill project nothing to celebrate

Why should black folks be excited about the Navy Hill development project?

Leftist not as beaten down in Sweden

Re Column “Calling out the Republicans” Free Press Dec. 19-21 edition: The political right in Sweden was less successful in destroying the political left in Sweden than the political right here in the United States was in destroying the political ...

Impeachment: Just another reality show

Growing up in Spotsylvania County, I was labeled a retard in my adolescence. In my 20s, I was branded a pansy with many other derogatory titles for unmanliness. Now, I have matured into obsolescence. Whatever branding life has bestowed upon ...

Proposed Navy Hill project will dilute black voting strength

The 2,500 residential units called for in the Navy Hill District Corp. Downtown re- development project will result in Jackson Ward as we know it disappearing. This is because Jackson Ward will no longer be a predominately black community as ...

Open letter to Gov. Northam

To Gov. Ralph S. Northam, As the elected business manager of a labor union that supported you in the 2017 election for governor, I continue to be disappointed in your actions. The comments you made to the revenue advisory council ...

Take action, even after Election Day

Election season has come and gone, and while the work of a new legislature begins, many constituents may recede back into the woodwork until their next turn at the polls. After all, voters have completed their responsibility, and it is ...

Let’s do the right thing

Re “Get out: Court-ordered RRHA evictions raising alarms in Creighton Court,” Free Press Oct. 24-26 edition: It is a shame that many of our city’s top officials did not say anything when public housing tenants were being given eviction notices.


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