Stop enabling white supremacy

Most black folk might get offended if it is suggested that they are enablers to white supremacists. Yet, this enabling takes place every day.

A year of historic anniversaries

“It is not an overstatement to say that the destiny of the entire human race depends on what is going on in America today. This is a staggering reality to the rest of the world; they must feel like passengers ...

Civil rights groups push to open housing policy deliberations

Wherever you live or your household size, home is a special place where children are raised and memories are made. Owning a home is also the largest, single investment that most families make in a lifetime.

Kwanzaa, a balm in Gilead

The sickening sight of smug sycophantic Republicans celebrating the passage of their tax bill on the White House lawn was the Scrooge-like move to drop a lump of coal into the stockings of the 13 million Americans likely to lose ...

Ebenezer Scrooge and the ‘tax scam’

One of my favorite Christmas pastimes is looking through my television content guide, finding a scheduled airing of “A Christmas Carol” and tuning in to watch. I don’t know how many iterations of this movie classic have been made, but ...

Businesses, nonprofits and Jesus

A business has to make a profit to stay in business. The nonprofit idea was a way to induce people to give money to avoid taxes.

Trump’s race-based view of monuments

Not long after the violence over Robert E. Lee’s statue in Charlottesville, President Trump went to great lengths to declare the beauty and importance of Confederate monuments strewn across the former slave-holding states.

Thanks are OK, but hook a sistah up

U.S. Sen.-elect Doug Jones, a Democrat from Alabama, did not have to win his battle against accused sexual molester and Republican candidate Roy Moore in the epic battle in Alabama on Dec. 12.

Zero tolerance needed for racism

Michigan Congressman John Conyers was the first politician to leave his job after the “Me Too” hash tag galvanized women to speak up about sexual misconduct, harassment and more.

A model for advancement

Over the last decades, many American inner cities have seen an economic resurgence. Buoyed by millennials and people’s desire to shorten their daily work commute, neighborhoods and communities that were all but pronounced dead two decades ago now find themselves ...

Don’t sleep on judgeships

Two people reported to work at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Nov. 27, both expecting to lead the bureau. Leandra English, who had been chief of staff to former Director Richard Cordray (he resigned before Thanksgiving to return to ...

Observing World AIDS Day

“Let us also continue to ensure that our nation responds aggressively and humanely to the needs of people living with HIV and AIDS. Throughout this epidemic, community organizations have taken the lead in the struggle against the disease and in ...

Keeping hope alive

As you may have heard, I have hard news to share. After a battery of tests, my physicians have informed me that I am suffering from Parkinson’s disease, the very disease that bested my father.

No blind eye

The 2016 film “Birth of a Nation” was released in a storm of controversy unrelated to the film itself. Whatever your opinion of the film or its maker, one cannot deny the relevance of the film as a medium of ...

‘Zero tolerance for sexual harassment’

Editor’s note: This letter was sent last week by the Virginia Speaker of the House designee to the Capitol Square community.