No going back

Confederates don’t go easy.

Evictions will deepen U.S. economic crisis, by Marc H. Morial

“The issue of inability to pay, poverty and unemployment – that existed pre-COVID-19. The difference between now and then is that the pandemic has shifted the line of poverty. There are more people at risk than before.”— Attorney Raphael Ramos ...

One more reason to vote, by Dr. E. Faye Williams

By the time you read this, it no longer will be breaking news that one of the cancers that has plagued U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has returned.

Make people the priority with city investment

Re “Slave memorial and museum gets jumpstart under mayor’s plan,” Free Press July 30-Aug. 1 edition:

Protect gun rights in upcoming General Assembly session

Democratic members of the Virginia General Assembly do not want honest, law-abiding African-Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights to own a firearm.

Cut out stimulus checks, reduce taxes

I feel betrayed because of the stimulus check I received.

Yes to removing RSOs

Never underestimate the power of students.

Restore the Voting Rights Act, by Marc H. Morial

“Although the court did not deny that voter discrimination still exists, it gutted the most powerful tool this nation has ever had to stop discriminatory voting practices from becoming law. Those justices were never beaten or jailed for trying to ...

There’s no question, by Dr. E. Faye Williams

Jane Elliott said, “If we didn’t have all those years when Black lives didn’t matter, we wouldn’t have to have a Black Lives Matter movement now.”

Inequality and injustice must end

The most recent acts of evil that brought about innocent deaths of Black people due to police brutality and white racism compel the faculty of School of Theology at Virginia Union University, or STVU, to condemn these acts in the ...

Policing and COVID-19: A dangerous combination

As protests in Richmond continue to draw attention to decades of overpolicing, it has become abundantly clear that the status quo cannot hold. Richmond is a city with deeply entrenched segregation and brutal poverty alongside glittering new developments. Recent police ...

Judge Cavedo and no more regrets

Judge Bradley B. Cavedo did the right thing by removing himself from further involvement with cases concerning the Confederate statues along Monument Avenue and in Richmond.

Honoring Rep. John Lewis

Congressman John Lewis was an inspiration.

Keeping land in the family, by Sen. Jennifer L. McClellan and Parker C. Agelasto

As Virginia and America continue the long overdue work of addressing structural inequity, our Commonwealth has taken one significant step toward fixing a leading cause of loss of land and wealth for African-Americans.

When John Lewis met Malcolm X in Kenya, by A. Peter Bailey

In his book, “Malcolm X: The FBI File,” Dr. Clayborne Carson wrote about a first-time meeting between Brother Malcolm X and a young John Lewis while both were traveling in Africa in October 1964.