Personality: Dr. Sesha Joi Moon

The 150th anniversary of Jackson Ward’s creation is close, and Dr. Sesha Joi Moon is intent on seeing that the full history of the district in Downtown is recognized and celebrated.

Personality: Mahmud Chowdhury

At a time of heightened concern for and within the Asian-American community, Mahmud Chowdhury has his hands full.

Personality: John W. Boyd Jr.

John Wesley Boyd Jr. is a man skilled in making waves, from the acres of crops in his fields to the halls of Congress in Washington, D.C.

Personality: Dr. Pamela Kiecker Royall

Dr. Pamela Kiecker Royall is breaking ground in her newest role as the first female board chair for the Virginia Museum of History & Culture, a leadership post to which she was elected in January. And she is intent on ...

Personality: Ana F. Edwards

In 1800, an enslaved man named Gabriel attempted a daring revolt in Richmond. His efforts were stymied by a severe thunderstorm and betrayals by co-conspirators. His story was consigned as a minor failure for centuries, largely forgotten.

Personality: Taylor R. Scott

For the last four months, Taylor RaShon Scott has been working to help meet the Richmond community’s need for food during the pandemic.

Personality: Rasheeda N. Creighton

As Black-owned businesses braced for the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new organization emerged in the Richmond region with the goal of ensuring these local businesses don’t just survive during this period, but thrive.

Personality: Tiffany S. Mickel

Tiffany S. Mickel is blazing new paths as the first African-American editor-in-chief of the Virginia Law Review, and she hopes to ensure an accessible, equitable and informative resource for others.

Personality: E. Martin ‘Marty’ Jewell

In a time of growing econom- ic instability for marginalized communities, E. Martin “Mar- ty” Jewell sees an opportunity in a new industry for Virginia’s minority population and he is determined to seize it.

Personality: Ryshonna T. Addison

For more than 10 years, Community 50/50 has worked to empower youths and families in the Greater Richmond area. And for more than 10 years, Ryshonna Taylise Addison has been there as the organization strives to create positive ripples through ...

Personality: Douglas Powell aka ‘Roscoe Burnems’

Douglas Powell is many things — a poet, author and spoken word artist who performs under the alias Roscoe Burnems. He is a National Poetry Slam champion, a former TEDx speaker, a husband, father and teacher who has contributed to ...

Personality: Robin Watson Telfian

A casual soup kitchen conversation led 50-year-old Robin Watson Telfian to start a non-profit .

Personality: Jeffrey M. Gallagher

The largest producing theater in Central Virginia. The first theater to perform a live theater production before an integrated audience in post-Reconstruction Virginia in defiance of Jim Crow laws. Those are major milestones in the history of Virginia Repertory Theatre, ...

Personality: Jonathan D. Davis

Now more than ever, Jonathan Dwayne Davis is aware of the impact of his work to encourage and safeguard an equitable voting process for Richmonders.

Personality: Dr. W. Franklyn Richardson

For the first time in 43 years, Virginia Union University’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Community Leaders Breakfast will be a virtual celebration.