Personality: Kisha Beaner Howcott

The new school year brings all kinds of concerns for students, even without the threat of an ongoing pandemic. And while some concerns require specific solutions, the need for clothing is being met thanks to a mobile boutique, courtesy of ...

Personality: Lawrence E. West Jr.

For many, the removal of the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from the pedestal where it stood for more than a century was a symbolic moment that could herald further progress and change. For Lawrence E. West Jr., ...

Personality: Melanie K. Frank

During COVID-19, grief has become a greater presence in the lives of many people with the large numbers of people stricken with, hospitalized by or who succumbed to the virus. For Richmonders struggling with this part of life, Melanie K. ...

Personality: Allison Kay Coles-Johnson

Allison Kay Coles-Johnson is half a million dollars away from bringing new hope and opportunity to thousands of Virginians and millions of others across the world.

Personality: Adriea Clarke

Adriea Clarke is founder of an event that seeks to bridge the gap between the public and veganism and provide a space for African-Americans to share and show the curious, particularly people of color, an entry point into the lifestyle.

Personality: Ra-Twoine Shameel ‘Rosetta’ Fields

It’s a time of sweeping artistic development for the city of Rich- mond, with a wide variety of new pieces, programs and exhibits in various districts.

Personality: Dr. Cyrillene ‘C.C.’ Clark

With school about to begin for many of Virginia’s youths, and the COVID-19 pandemic still posing a danger to public health, the work of Voices for Virginia’s Children and its board chair, Dr. Cyrillene “C.C.” Clark, is more important than ...

Personality: Ronnie Hicks

For years, Woodland Cemetery languished in neglect.

Personality: Betty L. Squire

For nearly 30 years, Engine Company #9 and Associates has recognized the trailblazing path of the first African-American firefighters and police officers in Richmond. And now, the organization’s president, Betty L. Squire, is overseeing the group’s latest effort to showcase ...

Personality: Darrick Hanks-Harris

In early December, Darrick Hanks-Harris began a new initiative to aid Black-owned businesses struggling in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Personality: Julian M. Day

After nearly a decade of service in multiple localities, Julian M. Day received a new kind of spotlight last month.

Personality: John S. ‘Johnny’ Newman Jr.

A storied pro basketball career, educational and entrepreneurial success and helping to better the lives of African-American youths.

Personality: Ngoma Hill

From Alexandria to Richmond to Vietnam and Harlem, Ngoma Hill has built an impressive artistic career. He is now being recognized for his work on another level.

Personality: Marquis D. Mapp

Virginia Pride has emerged in the decades since its founding in the 1970s as a major force bringing awareness of the LGBTQIA+ community to Richmond and around the state, as well as promoting diversity and unity among the local LGBTIA+ ...

Personality: Harold Aquino-Guzman

Harold Aquino-Guzman has a lot to celebrate this month. The George Wythe High School senior class president is not only the valedictorian at the South Side school, he is the top achieving student in Richmond Public Schools with a GPA ...