Youngkin spikes restoration of voting rights

The roughly 1,000 people a month released from Virginia prisons are no longer having their voting rights restored almost automatically.

Black people can’t breathe

Two years ago a National Public Radio investigation showed that, since 2015, at least 135 unarmed Black men and women nationwide were fatally shot by police officers. At least 75 percent of the police officers were white.

No debt deal = doom

The clock is ticking on a potentially serious financial crisis that could affect you and your family.

Talking trash

Just the facts. That’s all that voters and television viewers want from Gov. Glenn Youngkin. And a little backbone and truth to go along with them.

More progress, please

2022 was a year of progress.

Full-time lawmakers?

Is it time for Virginia to drop the pretense that a part-time legislature can keep up with the pace of change?

One less Confederate symbol

Richmond resident Michael Sarahan is celebrating success for his two-year campaign to rid the city of one of its last two monuments to the slavery-defending Confederacy.

Who needs the KKK?

Step aside, white supremacists.

A moment in time

The Richmond Free Press extends its sincere congratulations to State Sen. Jennifer L. McClellan on her historic election as the first Black woman to represent Virginia in the U.S. Congress.

A force for change

It’s not too unusual these days to read about young people who, rather than sit on the sidelines doing little to enact economic, political or social change, devote much of their lives to serving the public.

Cash call

Unconditional cash assistance is having a moment. Even before the pandemic, there was growing recognition that our heavily work-conditioned safety net is inadequate.

Just One Look

The Richmond Free Press congratulates the five brave couples who shared their recipes for finding and sustaining love and marriage in this year’s Valentine’s “Love Stories.”


Horrific. Brutal. Senseless. Inhumane.

Lessons in photo ops

The front page of the Free Press’ Jan. 26 edition shows Gov. Glenn Youngkin and his wife, First Lady Suzanne Youngkin, surrounded by adorable first-graders at Richmond’s Carver Elementary School.

In remembrance

Happy Birthday February 2, 1938 - June 3, 2014