Henrico County Board of Supervisors district elections

10/31/2019, 6 p.m.
Candidates and Q&A's for Henrico Board Of Supervisors

Fairfield District

Delta R. Bowers

Address: 101 Chickahominy Bluffs Road, Henrico, Va. 23227

Age: 58

Education: Bachelor’s in economics; master’s of general administration in financial management; and doctorate of management in organizational leadership occupation: Professor, entrepreneur and executive director

Civic/Community Activities: President, Northern Henrico Civic Association; president, National Coalition of 100 Black Women Richmond Metropolitan Area Chapter.

Email: friendsofdeltabow... Telephone: (804) 266-1492

Website: https://m.faceboo...

Voters should support me for Board of Supervisors Fairfield District because: As president of the Northern Henrico Civic Association, Chickahominy Bluffs Homeowners Association and community advocate for over a decade, I have been advocating for Fairfield District residents’ safety and security, speed limit reductions, parity relative to property values, infrastructure improvements, new housing developments, community maintenance, beautification initiatives, blighted properties and economic development to ensure that the district is on par with other districts in Henrico County. I interfaced with my opponent, Mr. Thornton, the county manager, Henrico County Police Department, other Henrico County officials and the Virginia Department of Transportation.

What do you see as the top two issues facing the district? Lack of economic development and schools accredited with conditions. The district does not have major corporations to support residents who live in poverty and others who are forced to drive more than 20 minutes to their jobs. Currently, the district has several schools not fully accredited, subpar real estate assessments, a 15.1 percent pov- erty level and many underperforming communities because of lack of employment or poverty level wages. Hence, families do not have the financial resources to supplement the resources needed by their children prior to enrolling in school and thus are ill-equipped to be successful in school.

How I plan to address those issues: My plan is to work with corporations and provide incentives to bring them into the Fairfield District. This will be done in collaboration with the county manager, other members of the Board of Supervisors, the Henrico County Economic Development Office, the com- munity and the local Chamber of Commerce. Once residents are given the opportunity to be trained and work in corporations that pay livable wages, they can afford to live in regular housing communities or pay for the homes in which they live and acquire the supplemental resources required to ensure their children are successful in school.

Frank J. Thornton

Address: 724 Carldan Road, Henrico, Va. 23227

Age: 78

Education: Bachelor’s in French education, Virginia Union University; master’s in French 20th century literature, American University occupation: Retired assistant professor of French at Virginia Union University

Civic/Community Activities: Past president of the Henrico County Civic League; received award from the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities

Email: thornpar2@gmail.com

Telephone: (804) 264-5363 Website: www.frankthornton...

Voters should support me for the Board of Supervisors Fairfield District because: I have been fighting in Henrico for inclusion, equity in education, supporting programs for our seniors and youths, more citizen engagement, improved public transportation and better quality in the building of homes in the East End. I am proud of the Henrico PAL program for our youths and the REAP program for our senior citizens that of- fers tax incentives, depending on family income. Take a tour of the Laburnum Gateway to notice new businesses, including the Eastern Henrico Recreation Center, a new health facility, the new Fairfield Library and the soon-to-be-completed Aquatic Center.

What do you see as the top two issues facing the district? More community development and improvements in infrastructure expansion.

How I plan to address those issues: I plan to address these and other issues using the tools that have proven to work: One is listening critically to the citizens and to inquire about any sugges- tions they may have regarding county issues and how the issues impact each citizen. Another tool is my monthly town hall meetings where I can answer questions citizens may have and share pertinent information to keep the community in good order. A third tool I use is the activation of dormant civic/community groups to make sure that citizens get important information that is required to make informed decisions pertaining to their community.

Tuckahoe District

Marques D. Jones

Address: P.O. Box 42382, Henrico, Va. 23242

Age: 38

Education: Bachelor’s in integrated science and technology

Occupation: Small business owner, ComForCare Home Care

Civic/Community Activities: Chair, MS Society Government Relations Advisory Committee in Virginia; chair, Henrico County Democrats

Email: marques@marquesjo...

Telephone: (804) 912-5363

Website: https://www.marqu...

Voters should support me for the Henrico Board of Supervisors Tuckahoe District because: Education isn’t being adequately funded. Teachers aren’t being paid enough. We need more sidewalks and we need better transportation infrastructure. We need development that keeps our community’s interests and the impact on the environment as top priorities. These are real issues affecting real people — and I’m going to work tirelessly advocating for policies that make a difference.

What do you see as the top two issues facing the district?

  1. Education funding, specifically increasing teacher pay. I have pledged to raise teacher pay by 20 percent before the end of my first term. Working in corporate settings, I have dealt with my share of budgets and know finding waste that can be redirected to address this issue is doable.
  2. Safe neighborhoods, continuing to fully fund our first responders while making sure that we have sidewalks and bike lanes to improve both quality of life and safety.

How I plan to address those issues: I’ll work with departments to lean out their operations and direct dollars saved from driving efficiencies into the education budget. Then I’ll partner with the members of the School Board to ensure the money is allocated appropriately. I will work to increase county investment in sidewalks and bike lanes. I also will work to have covered bus stops with benches installed. The current infrastructure does not promote individuals’ safety. Lastly, I will work with developers to ensure their plans include sidewalks so that new developments don’t mirror the current dearth of pedestrian infrastructure.

Patricia S. 'Pat' O'Bannon

Address: 8111 Rose Hill Road, Henrico, Va. 23229

Age: 69

Education: Graduate John Marshall High School, Richmond; Certificate of attendance, University

of Oxford, England, UK; bachelor’s in education, Virginia Commonwealth University; certified planning commissioner, Virginia Tech

Occupation: High school English teacher; fundraising associate, Virginia Public Broadcasting (TV and radio) Civic/Community Activities: Deacon, River Road Baptist Church; chair, Richmond Airport Commission

Email: pob@patobannon.com

Telephone: (804) 285-4728

Web site: www.VotePatOBanno...

Voters should support me for the Henrico Board of Supervisors Tuckahoe District because: Experience counts. As a member of the Henrico Board of Supervisors for 24 years, I have led the way in economic growth, continuously improving services citizens want. I led the board to decrease the real estate tax rate five times, keeping homes affordable. I listen and I keep my promises. From implementing low-cost, door-to-door, within-the-hour taxi service for seniors and those who qualify for CARE service; to completing Tuckahoe Creek Park; to making sure libraries are open on Sundays; to helping Henrico develop an app — I work hard to find creative solutions for problems.

What do you see as the top two issues facing the district? Sidewalks and schools. As the county urbanized, residents began to recognize the value of walking to shopping centers, schools and parks. From the 1940s to the 1990s, people didn’t want sidewalks. Times change. However, retrofitting sidewalks requires engineering for drainage problems they cause. I have added miles of sidewalks and have programmed miles more for the future. When Henrico was contemplating renovating a 60-year-old school, I worked with the county manager to build a new Tuckahoe High School instead. Meals tax money was used effectively, not only to build one new school, but two.

How I plan to address those issues: I plan to add at least 5 miles of sidewalks in the next four years. They already have been engineered. I will continue to add sidewalks through the term. I will work with the School Board to monitor financial needs for schools, since the Board of Supervisors is the taxing authority for and is the funding provider for schools.

Varina District

Rev. Tyrone Nelson

Address: P.O. Box 26192, Richmond, Va. 23260

Age: 46

Education: Thomas Jefferson High School, Richmond, 1991; associate degree, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, 1997; bachelor’s, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1999; master’s of divinity, Virginia Union University, 2003

Occupation: Pastor, Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Church Civic/Community Activities: Board of Visitors, Virginia Commonwealth University; State Compensation Board, Chair

Email: pastor@smzbc.org

Telephone: (804) 690-5376

Website: www.tyronenelson.org

Voters should support me for the Henrico Board of Supervisors Varina District because: I have kept my promises to Varina residents and the evidence is all around us. We have new and renovated schools, additional public transit options, a new library and enhanced recreational facili- ties. During my term, more than $150 million has been invested in Varina schools. We have a new high school coming in Highland Springs in 2021. We have funded improvements to Dorey Park and have resources for a future park in Sandston and the new East End Aquatics Center. Economic development has increased, bringing jobs to the area, including a $1 billion dollar investment by Facebook at White Oak Tech Park.

What do you see as the top two issues facing the district? Public education is the No. 1 issue in my district. While the schools have certainly improved, Varina students should have all the opportunities that are had by students in any part of this county. I will continue to prioritize public education so that all our children are prepared for higher education or a good paying job. We also need to continue to create good jobs in Varina so residents can support their families and contribute to the community. Good jobs ensure a strong economy and create opportunity for residents.

How I plan to address those issues: With my re-election, I will continue to prioritize Varina and to be its strongest advocate. While I am pleased and proud we have made significant progress, we still need to keep working together. I will continue to be accessible and responsive and to meet the needs of my constituents. I will continue advocating for school improvements, in terms of infrastructure, resources and ensuring the best and brightest teach- ers for our children. I will be a strong resource for bringing jobs and good corporate partners to Varina, improving the economy and creating opportunity for citizens. Varina will always be my priority.

Angela L. Rowe

Address: P. O. Box 1873, Richmond, Va. 23218

Age: 57

Education: Bachelor’s in business and economics; master’s in business administration

Occupation: Banking executive Civic/Community Activities: Advisory board, Envision Lead Grow; member, Junior League of Richmond

Email: angelarowe4varina... Telephone: (804) 921-7977

Website: angelarowe4varina...

Voters should support me for the Henrico Board of Supervisors Varina District because: The Varina District will continue to change and grow. In the process, we need strong leadership to strategically manage and oversee the chal- lenges ahead and create new opportunities for our communities and each other. I will advocate for a “smarter” and more transparent approach to doing county business, so that it works better for our residents, businesses and visitors. I have a history as a strong leader and collaborator in the local community and broader region. I am uniquely qualified to represent the Varina District and have the background, compassion and courage to make our shared vision happen.

What do you see as the top two issues facing the district? Managing growth, including infra- structure, and human services. As a veteran banker and community leader, I will leverage my business and economics expertise to evaluate and approve economic development initiatives that best fit with Varina’s character, enhance sustainability of small businesses and attract new businesses that create job opportunities. When economic times are good for most, human services are often overlooked. I believe that helping each other is a core value of strong communities. Addressing poverty, jobs and housing insecurities will be priorities.

How I plan to address those issues: I will support smart growth strategies that preserve Varina’s beauty, green space and options for rural living and farming. Infrastructure strategic plan- ning will be a priority, including enhancing road safety and public transportation. I will advocate for more funding for curbs and gutters, sidewalks, seated and covered bus transportation kiosks and extended service across the Varina District. I will support partnerships and innovative training initiatives that address barriers to citizens’ ability to earn industry certifications, apprenticeships and credentials needed to compete for new jobs. I will use my financial management expertise to make sure critical services are adequately funded.