Judge Cavedo should be removed

7/23/2020, 6 p.m.
Re “Questions swirl around judge,” Free Press July 16-18 edition:

Judge Bradley B. Cavedo sits on the Rich- mond Circuit Court daily determining the guilt and sentences for criminal defendants.

In 1977, while the editor for the editorial page of the campus newspaper at the University of Richmond, The Collegian, Judge Cavedo, then a student, wrote an article indicating his desire to leave the United States because of then-President Jimmy Carter’s plan to “allow the parasites of this nation to become the dominating force in politics.” He went on to note that these “para- sites” were only desirous to garner “ ... $10,000 (in) welfare, food stamps, etc.”

The entire editorial can be found at https://collegian.richmond.edu/?a=d&d=COL19770421.2.14

No citizen charged with a crime should have to be judged by someone who might have viewed that defendant as a “parasite” and desired to strip that citizen of his or her right to vote.

To protect the integrity of the Virginia judicial system and Virginia’s citizens, Judge Cavedo never should sit on a court and should be removed from that position and banned for life.



The writer is a former federal prosecutor and veteran criminal defense attorney.