Personality: Martha E. Hancock-Carter

Martha E. Hancock-Carter, president of the Richmond Section of the National Council of Negro Women Inc., is dedicated to preserving the vision and legacy of the national organization’s late founder, Mary McLeod Bethune.

Personality: Stephan A. Hicks

“Men are the greatest resource in our city. However, services focusing on men in Richmond are severely lacking. When it comes to helping men get on their feet, there is little offered.”

Personality: Kevin Watson

“A lot of high school and college athletes see themselves as the next LeBron James-level professional athlete. But many falling short of that dream have to learn who they are and their skills and passions.”

Personality: Dr. Michael L.W. Moore

Legendary civil rights leader Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker wanted his legacy to center on educational opportunities for generations to come. The Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker Educational Foundation is the vehicle to perpetuate his lasting dream and provides scholarships for underserved ...

Personality: Julie E. McConnell

Julie Ellen McConnell has always fought for the rights of the underprivileged and underserved — first as a public defender and now in defense of children in the court system. She was honored recently for her efforts as a legal ...

Personality: Glenwood W. Burley

Retired Richmind Patrolman Glenwood W. Burley is dedicated to boosting one of Richmond’s time-honored police traditions — the mounted police patrol.

Personality: Herbert H. Southall Jr.

Herbert H. Southall Jr. is proud to carry on the legacy of his father and to uphold the traditions of the Astoria Beneficial Club, a Richmond men’s club started 117 years ago to help eliminate the barriers to full citizenship ...

Personality: David Fowler Jones Sr.

David F. Jones Sr., founder of the TH-JAW Foundation, truly believes it takes a village to raise a child.

Personality: Gilbert W. Wilkerson Sr.

Christmas is a time for faith, family and counting blessings. But for someone who has had a loved one tragically taken from them through violence, the season can be full of pain and sorrow.

Personality: Ashley A. Morgan

A William Fox Elementary School teacher’s youthful dream paved the way to Richmond’s highest teaching honor. Ashley A. Morgan, 28, a first-grade teacher at the Hanover Avenue school in The Fan, was named the 2019 Richmond Public Schools Teacher of ...

Personality: Paula R. Gray

And the winner of the first Ms. Exquisite Full-Figured Virginia 2018 is … That moment of suspense, when anxiety turned into joy, is forever etched in the mind of Paula R. Gray of Chesterfield.

Personality: Michelle Evans-Oliver

“I was shocked. I was humbled. I said, ‘Wow! I didn’t think I had done anything out of the ordinary.” That was the reaction of Michelle Evans-Oliver, a volunteer AARP community ambassador, when she learned she had been selected as ...

Personality: Darlene A. Scott

Darlene Anita Scott, an associate professor of composition and creative writing at Virginia Union University, is a long-distance runner and the image of great health and fitness.

Personality: Warrick F. Scott Sr.

Warrick F. Scott Sr. was inspired by his grandfather, Wendell Scott of Danville, the first African-American race car driver to win a Grand National race, NASCAR’s highest level. That was in 1963, when pervasive racial prejudice repeatedly thwarted his efforts.

Personality: Franchon L. ‘Fran’ Randall

Franchon L. “Fran” Randall is a good cook, even if she says so herself. The pescatarian’s favorite dish to whip up is fresh spinach, red onion, basil and fresh garlic and tomato sauce over angel hair pasta and topped with ...