Inmate search tool available

It just became a bit easier to find out if someone is locked up at the Richmond Justice Center.


The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington has apologized for a white priest kicking an African-American family out of their loved one’s funeral.

A battle supreme

To President Trump, he’s “a judge’s judge” and “a brilliant legal mind” who deserves swift confirmation.

Henrico man awarded patent for golf cart cover

Golf carts have been part of John Houze Jr.’s life for decades.

Sheriff wants community work, shorter sentences exchange

Richmond Sheriff Antionette V. Irving wants more people sentenced to jail to be involved in community service work that includes picking up litter on public property and cleaning Richmond Public Schools buses.

Senator questions cuts in schools’ maintenance funds

The leader of a state Senate subcommittee that is taking a look at school building needs across Virginia wants to know whether Richmond’s decision to shrink spending on routine school maintenance by millions of dollars violates a U.S. Supreme Court ...

Sickle cell advocate wins fight for high-dose opioids

George H. Carter appears to have won his fight to ensure that people like himself who suffer from sickle cell disease can get the high dosages of opioids needed to control the excruciating pain.

Agency questions city’s plan to destroy historic warehouse

The fate of a landmark warehouse in the East End that was supposed to be transformed into Stone Brewing’s destination bistro and beer garden remains in limbo.

Expanded Medicaid, more time for recess among new state laws

Hundreds of new Virginia laws went into effect Sunday, July 1.

Pulse passenger rates dip after debut

The crush of passengers has disappeared along with the free rides on GRTC’s new Pulse and other buses.

GRTC updates

GRTC updates: Students’ free rides delayed until September and few riders buy money-saving passes

New development, residents behind city’s housing value jump

The value of property is climbing in Richmond, most notably in areas such as Church Hill, Blackwell and Highland Park that were once stigmatized as less desirable because they were predominantly African-American and low income.

Joe Jackson was admired by some, detested by others

When Joe Jackson, the patriarch and architect behind the musical Jackson family dynasty died on June 27, some media organizations focused on the negative stories. However, at least one Richmonder who found his own success in show business, remembers the ...

LeBron banks on Lakers

The Golden State Warriors may have won the NBA championship, but now the Los Angeles Lakers clearly have the biggest prize in the offseason.

Davis must go

Baltimore, New Orleans, Louisville, Ky., and even Memphis, Tenn., have gotten rid of their statues of racist Confederate traitors who fought to keep black people enslaved. So have 26 other cities.