The authentic King

The Rev. Bernice A. King is the youngest daughter of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and echoes the passion and promise he voiced for America.

The shutdown and collateral damage

As I write this, our federal government has been shut down for more than a month. At first, it seemed like a gamesmanship joke, like who was going to blink first.

State NAACP on the move

I have watched the Virginia State Conference NAACP up close over a number of years as a result of my membership initially in the Chesterfield County Branch NAACP and now the Richmond Branch NAACP.

Virginia’s ‘big falsehood'

Re Editorial, “Encouraging,” Free Press Jan. 10-12 edition: How sad and dismaying to watch our elected black leaders, along with black-oriented newspapers like the Richmond Free Press, leap to embrace Virginia’s big falsehood that seeks to erase some of our ...

True Hero

We hope our readers will pause within the coming days to reflect on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., an authentic advocate for human rights, justice and peace. His work on behalf of African-Americans, the poor, everyday workers, ...

27 years young

The Richmond Free Press turned 27 this week. We are proud to highlight this accomplishment as we remain one of the few independent newspapers still publishing in Virginia.

Trump civil rights assault continues

When new U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was asked on “60 Minutes” whether she thinks President Trump is a racist, she responded with the candor that makes her a compelling force in Washington: “Yeah, yeah, no question.”

Shame, shade in Birmingham

If anyone deserves a civil rights award, Angela Davis certainly does. The activist and scholar has been on the front lines of the Civil Rights Movement all of her life. She has been especially active in prison reform matters and ...

Support for NAACP 1st Thursday Town Hall series

The modern-day NAACP is to be applauded for its creativity in developing the NAACP 1st Thursday Town Hall Meeting Series which began in October. The events are scheduled on the first Thursday of every month throughout 2019 and are held ...

Suggestion for King license plate

Re “Proposed King license plate shelved until next year,” Free Press Jan. 10-12 edition: I read where the commemorative license plate plan honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was postponed until next year because only 100 signatures were collected.

Kudos to Va. Congress members for protecting the environment

When we drill, we spill. And when we spill off our shores, it can spell disaster for the whales, dolphins and coral that live in our oceans.

Honoring Dr. King

On Monday, Jan. 21, the nation will engage in a variety of activities saluting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a great American and world humanitarian.

R. Kelly and whether black girls’ lives matter

After viewing “Surviving R. Kelly,” Lifetime’s riveting six-part documentary on the R&B star’s decades of child and sexual abuse allegations, one question rings out to me above all others: Do black girls’ lives matter?


The Virginia General Assembly began its 2019 session this week, and last week, the 116th Congress got underway. As both legislative bodies get busy doing the work of the people, we feel a sense of hope and encouragement.

Higher judgment

Nearly every day I see or hear something about a person going into a school or club or restaurant killing people and then killing themselves. It’s young people mainly who are doing the killing.