Letters to the Editor

VUU’s willingness to destroy historic hospital shows shortsightedness

As an alumna of Virginia Union University and a longtime resident of Richmond, I find it hard to believe, and digest, that my beloved alma mater is so callously dismissing the intrinsic value of this landmark, Richmond Community Hospital, in ...

The Civil War: Cause and effect

Contrary to what H.V. Traywick claimed in his recent letter to the Richmond Free Press, the cause of the Civil War was slavery.

VUU, don’t destroy hospital that took the Black community decades to build

Thank you for your recent editorial, “Don’t pull plug on historic hospital, VUU” and the coverage of Virginia Union’s development plans, which omit the old Richmond Community Hospital building on Overbrook Road.

Civil War was about ‘secession, not slavery’, says reader

Marc H. Morial, in excoriating Nikki Haley, parrots the tiresome myth of American history by claiming the Civil War (which it was not, by definition) was “about” slavery, quoting slavery as one among the reasons for the secession of the ...

‘Richmond’s restaurants struggle to stay alive,’ says mayoral candidate

Richmond continues to attract new business and investment, create jobs, and provide an invigorating economic climate for expansion—but once businesses decide to invest in Richmond, we need to treat them better.

America’s ‘hands off’ treatment of illegal immigration creates crime

David W. Marshall is correct in his editorial that America is having major problems coping with crime, immigration and sanctuary cities. The solution would be to follow the Constitution in allowing only legal immigration.

Stand’n up for books!

There’s lots of folks who want to secede, From cultural books afraid they might read,

Let’s move to correct shelter issues

A recent Richmond Free Press article noted there are not enough shelters for adults with children in the Richmond area.

Gary Flowers mum on facts, says Paul Goldman

A recent Free Press commentary by Gary Flowers highlights the fundamental political choice facing Richmond.

Richmond Free Press ‘takes its mission to inform the public seriously’

As a new Virginia resident, I signed up for home delivery of the local newspaper, the Richmond Times-Dispatch. I was still receiving national news from a digital subscription to my former newspaper, the Los Angeles Times, but I wanted a ...

Virginia NAACP endorses Richmond Grand project

The NAACP Virginia State Confer- ence (Virginia NAACP) is joining the Richmond Branch NAACP in endorsing the Richmond Grand project in the city of Richmond and encouraging Richmond residents to vote “yes” for the casino referendum on Nov. 7.

Transparency and speaking truth to power

I am a 19-year veteran of the Richmond Fire Department and a candidate for the City of Richmond Personnel Board to represent the classified service. I have been closely following the narrative of the proposed burn building at Hickory Hill. ...

Virginia NAACP responds to traffic stop data

The Virginia State Conference NAACP (Virginia NAACP) acknowledges the findings of the 2023 Report on Analysis of Traffic Stop Data Collected under Virginia’s Community Policing Act. It continues to be alarming that Black drivers are 19.4% of the driving population ...

Richmond Area SCLC opposes closing early voting locations

The Richmond Area Southern Christian Leadership Conference, which represents Central Virginia as a chartered member of the national SCLC, would like to express our disappointment with and determination to address the decision by the City of Richmond Electoral Board to ...

Concern for Creighton Court residents

That was a very good and detailed article on the residents of Creighton Court (Richmond Free Press, July 13-15, 2023). Many (Creighton Court residents) have a right to be worried about where they will live when their housing is demolished.