9/6/2019, 6 a.m.

Richmond City Councilman Michael J. Jones, 9th District, said Monday that he would abstain if he had to vote today on the $1.5 billion Coliseum replacement plan.

Dr. Jones

Dr. Jones

He also criticized the Richmond Free Press for reporting in an article published in the Aug. 29-31 edition that he could tentatively be put in the “yes” camp for the plan Mayor Levar M. Stoney has advanced on behalf of Navy Hill District Corp.

In a box accompanying the article, “Yes, no and maybe: Coliseum plan likely would fail if vote was taken today,” Dr. Jones was listed as a “maybe” vote.

“I would abstain because I do not have enough information to vote yes or no,” Dr. Jones said this week. “One thing I promised the people of the 9th District is that I would not vote for anything I did not understand.

“I have just finished reading the ordinances and accompanying information,” he continued, “and I have a ton of questions that I need answers to before I could take a position.”

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