Cut out stimulus checks, reduce taxes

8/6/2020, 6 p.m.
I feel betrayed because of the stimulus check I received.

I feel betrayed because of the stimulus check I received.

I feel doubly betrayed because the U.S. Senate wants to send me another one instead of reducing my taxes.

I feel betrayed for two reasons.

First, the government isn’t supposed to give me money to spend. It takes money to spend on things like nuclear weapons and abortion clinics.

When I received the stimulus check, I thought, “I must be giving these people too much money; they sent me a rebate.”

Secondly, unemployed Americans were given an extra $600 each time they got an unemployment check. Our paycheck tax deductions were not reduced then and the government even taxed the stimulus check. It was all smoke and mirrors and the result of soft-handed lawyers believing they are accountants. They used people still working to keep quiet those who had lost their jobs.

Whether you like him or not, President Trump asked again that payroll taxes be reduced. I’d prefer that rather than a stimulus check. That has more value to me.

Do you want a rebate for services you don’t need or do you want less taken out of your paycheck?