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George Wythe athlete Talik Bryant excels despite season without basketball

Talik Bryant has earned a spot on the “A Team” at Rich- mond’s George Wythe High School.

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Jackie Robinson opened MLB’s doors to people of color 74 years ago on April 15

If Jackie Robinson had done anything wrong in1947, it might have set back the movement for racial equality many years. Instead, he did everything right.

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Ray Felix was first Black NBA Rookie of the Year

As star newcomers go, Ray Felix was a trailblazer in 1954 when he became the first African-American to be named NBA Rookie of the Year.

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DeAndrea Neal, VSU Hall of Famer and former offensive line coach, dies at 53

DeAndrea Neal, a member of the Virginia State University Sports Hall of Fame, died Friday, April 9, 2021.

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Who will be NBA Rookie of the Year?

LaMelo Ball did everything and more that could have been expected of him — everything, that is, but stay healthy.

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Former Flying Squirrels now on MLB rosters

Today’s minor leaguers become tomorrow’s major leaguers.

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HBCU made it to NCAA Division I Final Four only once

HBCUs have made just one appearance in the men’s and women’s NCAA Division I Final Four in the tournament’s history.

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Baylor takes down undefeated Gonzaga to win

Gonzaga University was undefeated November to March, but Baylor University was undefeated in April, and that’s what counts most.

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Remembering Final Four record holders

As time passes, it’s the Final Four team champions that are most remembered, as they should be.

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Stanford women win title for first time since 1992

Instead of home sweet home, let’s hear it for “Home Sweet Hotel.” That could be the theme for Stanford University’s women’s basketball team that defeated the University of Arizona 54-53 for the NCAA title last Sunday.

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